Today’s healthcare facilities face a multitude of problems to ensure staff and patient safety, especially with infection control.

Over 30% of the disease transmission can be prevented with a proper EVS cleaning program. QAC implements these cleaning programs into your facility with highly trained housekeeping personnel, working supervisors, and frequent Quality Assurance inspections. From oncology centers to operating rooms to urgent care facility, we provide on-line access to your facility so you know your facility is being taken care of, and there is empirical data to prove it.

QAC uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment in order to maintain your facility to improve the quality of the indoor environment for your staff and patients. Dual HEPA filtered vacuums help filter the dirt particles from the air, micro-fiber rags help encapsulate dust from desks and tables, and properly diluted green cleaning chemicals reduce the VOC levels from the indoor atmosphere. By improving these variables in your facility, and reducing infections to your staff, this creates a more productive and healthier environment. Less sick days for your staff, a cleaner facility for your patients and increased overall satisfaction for anyone who enters your facility.

Please call (855) 722-0200 for your free facility assessment and cleaning quotation from a highly trained cleaning specialist.

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I've had nothing but good comments from the occupants of this facility since we've changed to QAC. That's no small compliment when you consider the type of multi-tenant space they render service to."
- Pam Shannon, Commercial Property Manager
A clean work site is more than appearance. It is a safe working environment.
- Jon Matthews, President of QAC
Our cancer center medical office building and our outpatient facility have stringent requirements for cleaning. QAC has been able to meet and surpass our expectations for cleanliness.
- Rita Bellinski, Commercial Property Manager
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